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Loose Threads Art Group - Design Board Exchange - Round 1

Tonight we showed our round 1 quilts from our design board exchange challenge.  We each created a design board of things we like, things that inspire us. Then we will exchange them every two months and we are to find something on each board and create a quilt within the size of 16  x 20 or 18 x 24 (roughly).  Then we bring them back and then we discuss techniques and critique in a positive manner.  Offer suggestions.  That kind of thing.  Some of it is hard for me to do.  I have a hard time with abstract.

For my board, I took a lot of things that I found on Pinterest.    Here's my board.

Karen Taber got my board and this is her piece.  She used the colorful doxie picture and the lizard (under the words in the middle).

Barbara Sawyers Board.
Which Sara got and she is working on an iteration of quilts (series) but it's a new word we learned tonight so thought I should use it in the blog post  ;)  So here are 3 of Sara's quilts.  She was inspired by the feather.  Yes, that's a real feather on Barbara design board.

Grace Hoyas board.
Which Anna got and saw orange and circles and shapes.
Here is Sara Kelly's board.  (sorry - light right in middle of the beautiful tree photo)
Barbara Sawyer made this (using the picture in the middle).
Karen Taber's Board
And Grace's interpretation.  She used the stripes from the blue picture and pulled the colors from the rest.
I got Anna Koelewyns board.

I used the Starbucks card on the bottom for my inspiration.
Adena Joseph has joined us now and will now start to participate in exchange.  She brought her board tonight.  This is it.
I got Sara's board this time so I have two months to create something from it.  I already have an idea of what I want to do.
Thanks for looking.


  1. Wonderful!!

    Are you interested in a bit of a special exhibit next year? I'll be watching the group's progress with interest!!

  2. What a wonderful exercise liked all of them and loved the first. Wow!

  3. Good job explaining the Inspiration Board projects.
    We are now launched on Blogger as California Loose Threads.

  4. What a cool challenge idea! I love your quilted and appliqued Starbucks gift card. I wonder if you could scan in the bar code off your REAL Starbucks card, print it onto fabric, and use it on the backing so that the finished quilt would really be a functional Starbucks "card" that you could reload with $$ and actually use to purchase your coffee? That would be ME in the line at the Starbucks drive through, handing my blanky to the very surprised barista/cashier to pay for my beverage. :-)

  5. All the quilts are amazing. Thanks for keeping us posted.


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