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Pink as Bubblegum

It's a little wrinkly and the binding isn't all the way on in this picture.  It was finished months ago but since it was for our guilds solid challenge, I couldn't show it.  We had the challenge last Thursday.  I really like this, but I really like pink.  I used over 14 different color pink solid fabrics on this.  I kind of made it like the jelly roll race quilts -I cut different lengths, sewed them in one very long strip and started sewing the strip together lengthwise, over and over again until I got to the size I liked. Kind of a modern looking quilt and a modern method of putting it together.  However...this was my inspiration.
This is from a magazine from years ago.  Not even sure I was quilting when I pulled this page from the magazine.  Anyway, it's an antique quilt from the 1920's and it says it was red and pink, and a Brick Wall Variation pattern.
We also revealed the Round Robin quilts.  There were only 3 of us so we did rows and we exchanged 2 times.  I started with the row 2nd row and Adena Joseph and Brenda McCutcheon did the other rows.  (Brenda the star rows and Adena the chevron and granny block rows).
I supplied the white fabric and all I asked was the blocks only have red white and blue in them.  I love it.  I will add one more row and then a border.  I want to look for something real geometric like for this.  I need to check the local quilt store first and then do some internet shopping if they don't have what I want.

I have also completed a baby quilt top but need to wait for the baby to be born before I quilt it as I want to embroider the baby's name and birth date on the front.  I also finished my Xcentric Block quilt (from Anita Grossman Solomon's Rotary Cutting Revolution book).  It turned out really great and I have to take some time to think about how I want to machine quilt it.

I spent the weekend at my folks house and my older sister Brenda from Massachusettes was also visiting.  We did a lot of shopping, looking for the perfect shoes for my mother.  She needed lightweight shoes with velcro so she won't trip again.   I spent some money on shoes for myself and some new clothes - not one dime on fabric.  Can you believe that?!?!

Thanks for looking.


  1. Love that pink quilt. My son's girl friend would think it the most perfect quilt in the world. Now if it were only in orange....

  2. Busy, busy, busy! Good idea to do a round robin quilt with less people, then exchange it more than once. Looks like everyone did a great job.

  3. I love the way you put that quilt together. I've been thinking about doing a jelly roll quilt that way, but using smaller pieces seems like a better way to go. It looks very nice!

  4. I love pink too! And you can never go wrong with the red,white and blue. Good job!

  5. What a fun pink quilt! It makes me smile. :)

  6. wow! that round robin sure did turn out nicely! I'm proud to be a part of that quilt <3 I started hand sewing my dresden plates down yesterday on mine.


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