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Leftover Quilt Runners

A month or so ago I made these crazy eight runners - three of them.  When you make them you make a bunch of strip sets and cut the triangles.  There is some waste and since I hate to throw anything away, I saved some of the pieces and I made these 2 little runners (and a hideously ugly pillow cover--not shown) from the leftovers.  I will be donating these to our guild's annual boutique.

I quilted both of these with metallic thread with feathers in the square top and spikey fern like feathers in the long one.

While outside taking these photos, I noticed this pretty little flower on one of our cactus plants.  As many of you know, I do not have a green thumb so any flowers I get are purely accidental.

Last night I got this picture in a text from my step-daughter.  She said Jack told her "I hug baby" and started loving on her.  

Today I am washing everything in the house that the dogs might have touched.  We have a new flea regiment so everything, including the dogs, are getting washed today.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Your grandbabies definitely look alike. Adorable!

  2. I made a lovely table runner at Christmas from a fq bundle that was sitting around. it didn't match anythinng at my house, but when my sister saw it, she said it perfectly matched her bedroom. She happily took it home. YOur runners will find a new home at the sale. Great use for those bits and pieces.

  3. oh, man! I HATE fleas! Good luck getting rid of them!!!

    The kids are so cute! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. The babies are so cute. And your table runners are cute too. Not as cute as the babies though.


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