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Farmers Wife -Blocks 1-9

I finally decided to do the Farmers Wife Quilt. At first Adena and I were going to do it together then Jeremy joined since he'd been thinking about it too and he said Becky wanted in, so right now there are 4 of us. This may change i think. We decided to do 9 blocks a month so we can get the top done in a year. We are using templates (freezer paper) which is not as hard as I thought it would be.

I decided to do mine using red and whites/creams. And I want to use all shades of tone on tone reds.

Here's where these blocks go. My thought right now is to sash in aqua. But in a year I may change my mind.

This is what we all got done last Friday. From left to right--Becky, Jeremy, me and Adena.

I got my first block of the month from The Fat Quarter Shops designer block program today but since the Loose thread girls met tonight I didn't get to put it together.

Had a great night with Loose Thread ladies. We finished reviewing our whisper challenge quilts so we can sell or give them away now.

Thanks for looking.



Quiltedtime said…
This is going to be a beauty. Love your color choices.
I love the idea of the reds and creams, etc. Congratulations on taking on the challenge of this quilt. It's on my bucket list, but I'm not ready to make the commitment. I will live vicariously through you and your progress. I look forward to following your progress.
Quilt Crazy said…
Love them. And a great idea to done them together.
Elaine said…
I like all the color paths but really like the pastels and red/whites-nice! More fun to do in a group.
Suzanne Kistler said…
I heard them talking about Farmer's Wife yesterday, and had no idea what they were referring to. I need to get out more. ;) Looks like fun, and a challenge. Stay strong, as DC said, we'll vicariously enjoy the process.
Anonymous said…
Company is a good idea. Another in my sewing group recently joined me in making a Dear Jane quilt, and her decision has given me extra enthusiasm to keep working on mine.
I see lots of snazzy grids like yours to keep track of the blocks. I am just using pen and paper! What program are you using?
Anonymous said…
Love how you put the blocks for FWQ in the layout.... will be neat to see the white spaces fill up each month! How'd you do that, clever clever!