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Go Dutch quilt

I finished this quilt tonight and I decided to call it Go Dutch for obvious reasons.  It's the Xcentric pattern from Anita Grossman Solomons Rotary Cutting Revolution book.  The inside is made from one striped fabric (the stripe I used in the middle border and binding).

I straight stitched squares in the 'squarish' blocks and feathers in the other blocks.  I also quilted feathers in the border too and squiggly lines in the striped border.

Now I need to work on my Loose Threads challenge, make some more small design boards (a la Bee in my Bonnet's design boards--like these.  I made mine 10" (and I made some for the other's doing the Farmers Wife with me) and I got a request from 2 other friends to make bigger ones for them since they usually do 12" blocks so I'm thinking 16 - 18" squares for them.  So I'll make one for myself too!  They are pretty easy and I use binding that I have already in my strip bins and I get foam core from old posters at work so it doesn't really cost me anything but time.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Wow! That looks like a lot of matching stripes. Excellent job.

  2. Wow, Barb!

    How many quilts have you finished so far this year? Outstanding! Love the blue and white. :)

  3. Love the colors and the quilt. Who's is it?

  4. What a great job of matching and squaring up stripes! Blue and white always looks so fresh.
    I've made some of those design boards. Aren't they handy! I can see why your friends want some too.


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