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Class day at Houston

I started this morning off with a class from Cindy Walters. The class was called Painted Imaginative Wholecloths. I've painted on fabrics before but this was showing us how to draw out abstract designs and how to use the paints to stay in the lines. She lectured at first about different textile paints and showed us a lot of her work. Then we got to paint on our own 12 x 12 piece af fabric. The class kit included everything we needed and we got to keep everything as well so I have a nice selection of textile paints.

Here is her class sample. She was a great teacher who came around to all the students and didn't play favorites. She was very knowledgeable and entertaining.

After class and lunch I did a little more retail therapy.

At 3 I went to a lecture from Marsha McClusky who wrote the Vintage Moment pattern that I love. She too was great and funny. The lecture was about feathered stars which I now want to make more of. However on the bottom of the cover of her books she clearly states they are hard blocks that will take a lot of time. She is honest! Here are two of her quilts.

I didn't get to look at quilts today but I went to the bathroom in the quilt exhibit area and saw this quilt and it kind of freaked me out. (It is part of a black and white quilt exhibit.)

Called Hunger
After seeing that I had to find something that would clear my mind.

This quilt was adorable with all kinds of buttons. Back to my happy frame of mind.

We had dinner at a great Mexican Cantina. Best rice I have ever tasted. (Sorry Brenda, the nearest Papacitos was 8 miles away and we have no car.)

Tomorrow is another day to spend with thousands of like minded, fabric obsessed people and my friends.

Thanks for looking.



  1. Your class choices look like they were good ones. Enjoy the rest of your time in Houston :-).


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