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Christmas Decorations are up

And my back is sore from carrying the boxes from the storage shed in the back of our property to the house and then back again. I had to do a little adjusting. I had to take the leaf out of the table, remove 2 chairs to make my main tree fit in the dining room.

But this is what is in its normal spot. These boxes have been here for a few months.

And the angel tree that is usually in my dining room next to the hutch is now in my sewing room. (Had to remove a chair here too.)

And this is my view from my cutting table.

I left about 6 boxes unpacked. I didn't take any dishes out, any of the big wooden pieces, my village and my snow globe collection. I'm not having any company this year so I didn't think I needed to do it all.

Thanks for looking.



  1. You are quite the little decorator! Everything looks so nice.

  2. Love the decorations! Merry Christmas!!


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