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Countertops and Dog Bites

I went away this weekend to visit my folks and my younger sister and her family.  Usually my home is very boring however this weekend while I was away, the contractors came and installed my new countertops.  They called by hubby on Friday night at 7:30 pm and said they would be there at 3 the next day - I didn't know any of this until I got a text from hubby at 9:30 that night.




My new farm sized sink.  LOVE IT!

So very excited about this  Then on Monday night at 9:30 pm I get a text from my hubby that our Jack Russell Terrier went across the street and got bit several times by their female pit bull who had given birth not too long ago.  Now Guy (the JRT) is a nice sweet dog and was over there probably just to say hello, but the momma did what a momma does and was protecting her kids.  Guy had several puncture wounds and a tear under his leg.  He will be okay - he's traumatized and is very sore.  We have him on pain meds and antibiotics and we're on the watch for any fever, lethargy and swelling.  So far so good.  Here are a few pictures (after the dr. shaved his wound areas for cleaning).

You can see his left leg is swollen .
I had a nice time with my family over the Easter weekend.  Went to see Hunger Games, ate alot and visited with my sister and her family.  I can't believe how much my nephew is growing - he's as tall (taller) than me and his voice is getting low.  He has lost his baby face which makes me sad.

Working on the scrap quilt.  Decided to do a pieced border to get rid of more scraps. Have one more side of the pieced border and then a solid border after that and that top will be done.

This weekend is the Best of the Valley Quilt Show in Lindsay, California.  I have 3 quilts entered and I'll find out if I won any ribbons.  I will be working as a docent for 2 hours on Sunday and selling our guild's raffle tickets as well.  That gives me two hours to look at the quilts and a little shopping.


  1. I love you counters and your sink. Does Jeff like them?

    Poor guy. I hope he is feeling better.


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