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Chicken Gigilo

We inherited some chickens about a year ago - a momma and 3 chicks (there were more at first - long story) and the chicks have finally started producing.  However now when we go out to check on the chickens, we've had this guy cattin' around. Or should I say cockin' around?  He's rather beautiful compared to our black chickens.  He does rile our girls up - they constantly move but the noise they make when he's around, wow.
Here he is in our neighbors yard.

This is a picture of our chicken coop.
 Yes that is a swamp cooler on top of the coop.  We have "stairs" so they can go up there and roost.  Plus if they lay eggs up there, we can take one side down and check.  We're calling it the upcycled coop.  The box on the front are their nesting boxes.  We've been getting 3 eggs a day now.  They are a beautiful pale aqua blue.  I tried taking a picture but you can't tell the color.
Here are 2 of our girls.
They have nothing to do with quilting.  I finished my whisper and have been busy cutting up my scrap basket to the 5", 3.5" and 2" squares for my scrap therapy boxes.  The basket was OVERFLOWING and falling on the floor all the time.

I will probably also work on a design for the Free Motion Quilting challenge so when I start machine quilting the scrap quilt I can whip that up before the month end.

Off to cut more squares.  Thanks for looking.


  1. Love seeing the chicken pictures!

  2. Haha!!!!!! This is great to be able to see the rooster you were telling us about at dinner after the show. I really like your upscale coop. Makes me not feel so silly for all of the things I do for my spoiled pets.

  3. Too funny! Are the eggs good? You will have to make a "chicken" quilt now :)

  4. I see an erotic chicken quilt in your future. Chicken lust? Chicken romance? Flirty chickens? Hot and steamy chickens? X-rated chickens? Lusty layers? Too fun!


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