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Best of The Valley Quilt Show

Well the show was this weekend and it was another fantastic show.  All my friends won ribbons and am so proud of each and every one.  My friend Debbie (Quilt Crazy Debbie) won two big awards.  First she won the Chairman's Special Merit Award and then she won Viewer's Choice.  So proud of her.  Check her blog for her winning quilt.  It's beautiful and was the result of our friendship groups challenge we had several years ago.  Yes it's taken her this long to finish it but she is in to details and it took her a long time for the perfection.  Another friend (Sara Kelly Art Quilts) won Best of Show for Art Quilts.  Another friend, Diane won 1st place for her double wedding ring quilt, another friend Deolinda who has never won a ribbon in the show before won 3rd place, and there were more, too any more to name.  Oh, and I also won Best Machine Quilting on a Domestic Machine with this quilt.  (Award sponsored by Thimble Towne in Visalia)
  And a First Place ribbon with this quilt. (Award sponsored by Calico Mermaid Quilt Store in Porterville)
It was all very exciting.

Had dinner with 5 ladies while waiting to pick up the quilts--Sheila, Kathy, Mary Jane, Deolinda and Kay).  Connected with Kay Pennington (who had 2 quilts in the show and won some ribbons too -but she doesn't have a blog YET  (hint hint).

Working and almost done with next Whisper Challenge quilt - finished 2 labels tonight while watching Dancing with the Stars.  Was going to buy fabric for the back of the scrap quilt but think I'm going to piece a bunch of fabrics together (more scraps - bigger scraps).  My blue fabric box was getting full so picked a bunch from that box.

And a quick update on Guy - he's healing well.  No problems so far.  He's been licking the wound on his inside leg so the doctor said we need to put a cone on him.  These are the new cones.  He can roam free and thru the dog door without any problems.  However, he HATED it and wouldn't move too much.  He would go out front and just stare.  He would shake when he heard the dog barking at the house of the dog who bit him.  But the vets say he's healing well.  He's not eating the greatest but he hadn't been running alot so he hasn't burned a lot of calories.  He wanted to play ball yesterday so that's a good sign.  He seems to be more like himself.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Sorry I missed you. Your quilts are BEATIFUL!


  2. Congrats to you, I am so proud of you and all the beautiful quilts you make.Keep it up, it makes you happy!
    Love, Mom

  3. Thanks for the kind words. And congratulations to everyone that had quilts in the show! It was so much fun walking around and seeing the beautiful work that everyone does. Suzie and the BOTV committee for always put on a great show. And really Barb, I thought that either one of your quilts could have won the Best Machine Quilting Award. You are amazing.

    I'm glad Guy is feeling better. That was scary.

  4. Barb. your quilts were beautiful.
    As Always. I am so proud of you.

    Your poor doggie. We had the same situation with our Steve. He managed to get the cone off after the third day. He also removed 4 of his 12 stitches but all if fine now. His hair is groing back and he love to go out and sun himself now that it is not raining.
    Quilty Hugs.

  5. Had a great time visiting during the show and afterwards for dinner. Am so proud of everyone!


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