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What you get when you hate to dust...

2 more table toppers that fit the bedside tables.  Instead of dusting, I just have to shake.  I have some for 4th of July, Christmas and now Valentines.  They are all double sided so they do double duty.  They are quilt as you go patterns I altered to fit from a Scrap-Therapy pattern.  My first finish for 2012 but not on my resolution list.
Side 1 (matches--sort-of--my Valentines quilt)

Side 2 (this matches another Scrap-Therapy quilt I've made)
I've also had two add two more quilts to my resolution list.  A wonderful friend reminded me that I still had to quilt my Vintage Moments quilt and then I also signed up for Sew Cal Girls free motion quilting challenge.   (See link on right).  Been working on my sampler for that today.

Also, I have to show you this cute little book rack my dad and mom gave me.  I'm sure my dad made it.  I found the perfect little books to go on it.
All the above photos were taken with my new little camera (Canon Power Shot A3300IS) my husband got me for Christmas.  We have a very nice Kodak camera but it was so big and hard to carry around to quilt shows and stuff.  This one I can keep in my purse and he got me a red one to match my laptop.  What a guy.

Thanks for looking.


  1. haha! Love the "they're not on my list, but they're what I finished first" admission. You and me both, girl! :)

    And love the Doxie bookholder. Too cute!!

  2. I wonder if Dad has a pattern for a springer bookshelf for us...

  3. Too funny. I just got a pink Canon Power Shot to go with my pink netbook. I had the same issues with my Minolta 35mm that you had with your Kodak. Heavy plus the accessories I wanted cost more than a whole new camera. Need to get the instruction book out for the new camera and read it. Looks a little intimidating.

  4. The pictures look great with the new camera! Love the quilts and the doxy bookcase-he is so creative!

  5. LOVE it -- I hate to dust, love to quilt but needed your creativity to inspire me. I'm heading for my sewing machine.

  6. Your table runners look great!! I love the book shelf your dad is so talented and you added just the right books.


  7. Your table runner is so pretty. Cute book holder too.


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