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Road to California shopping

I did a little shopping at Road 2 California this year.  But first I took a great class by Karen Echmeier called "Let's Make Waves"  It's a technique class on curves.  We didn't really get a finished product but we did get to play and make a "piece of fabric".  Here's what I did.  I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do with it yet.  I do know I'll add more to it.
Then there was shopping.
I have been working on a green and white quilt - one I can use on bed (or hang) during St. Patricks Day.  I needed more of the right greens for the quilt.  I also bought a wide batik fabric for the back of my Vintage Moments quilt.
 Here are some misc. items, some flower purse handles, 2 sets of Kai scissors and some embroidery and other small scissors, 3" finished thangles, some yarn (for my mom to knit or crochet me a scarf or show me how to), some DMC floss, a material girl sign and a turning tool.
 Some great fabrics.  Soccer fabric so I can make my nephew Shane a quilt, some aqua and orange because I like that combo, some purples for a challenge I'm working on and the folded set I just loved from Jillily Studio.  (Nice lady too).  Oh and 2 yards of radiance fabric just because.
 Here's two more kits.  The gray kit on the left is for the pattern on the left and it just wasn't going to be big enough for me so I bought some more fabrics to go with it.  The other kit is an applique kit with a blue background and beautiful bright color applique - a last minute, spur of the moment splurge.
 I guess I need to work on my applique because I also bought 6 new applique kits, a redwork Halloween kit and another Halloween wall hanging.  There are some new stencils too.  Some 4th of July ones for the red, white and blue quilts I want to make and some Celtic and clover stencils for my St. Patrick's Day quilt.
 And some thread - the left is Sulky and the right is Superior.
We had a good time but missed our friend Debbie.  We didn't forget her though.  We had her picture with us and we took pictures of her with us everywhere and texted them to her.  Here she is in bed at the hotel.
 And here is Anna and Barbara sampling some snacks before dinner.

Thanks to the wonderful ladies I spend the last 3 days with.  I loved every minute.
Thanks for looking.


  1. Love the pictures with Debbie. Great idea!

    So bummed that I didn't make it. boo hoo...looks like you got some good shopping in. Wish I could have been there...

  2. WOW! You made a haul! How fun to take a class at Road. I went the first day and couldn't get over how crowded it was! You certainly got some good buys. I had a limit and stayed under it but found some great things too.

  3. What a bunch of loot you have there, Barb. Makes me soooooooooo glad that I didn't go. I spent so much at the last few big shows I've attended and knew better than to set foot in Road2CA. It's like a giant toy store. Will see you at BOTV, though :-).


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