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Resolutions Quilt List and Jack!

Yep, did it!  Updated it.  Will I get all of them done this year, heck no.  Like last year, I did more than half and I made quilts that weren't on the list.  Life happens and things change* but I like having a list so I don't forget what I have.   I do have a goal to make more scrap quilts this year.  I didn't really make any except for a few small charity quilts with left over fabrics from recent quilts.  I have 5 shoeboxes full of 5" squares, 3 of 3.5" squares and 2 of 2" squares (all Scrap-Therapy quilt cuts) and a hat box full of light strips and a bigger box full of dark strips and I need to use some of those up.

*Like today - putting away my Christmas decorations and putting out my Valentine's Day stuff, I realized I needed some bedroom end table covers (because I don't like to dust).  So out came my scrap therapy boxes, pulled some pinks, whites and browns, and am not making some quilt "mini-quilts".

Now on to some cuteness.  Yesterday we had our Christmas with my step-daughter, her husband and my grandson.  He is such a happy little boy and he was really into opening presents - anyone's presents.   Here's a picture of me and Jack.
The quilt I gave him, the Eye Spy quilt, is in the background.  He liked it and so did his folks.  But notice the box behind me.  Yep - we got Kelly a Bernina 215.  She was so excited to have a big girl sewing machine--and she'll probably be making costumes and all kinds of fun house stuff with it.  She's not a quilter - yet.  I hope she'll have a lot of fun with it.  Chad got some tools - guys stuff.  He was excited about that too.

Here he is coming to give me a kiss for a great quilt.

Loves to read.

But of course, boxes are as much fun as the toys.

"Grandpa, remember the swing set Oma promised, when will you make it?"

This is the annual doxie ornament I get from my husband.
My dog Walter loves to drive.  We take him around the block occasionally and he honks the horn the whole time, so this ornament will always remind me of Walter.

I have another day off tomorrow so I'll have time to finish cleaning and laundry and quilting!!!!  Yesterday the only quilt related thing I did was order from Hancocks of Paducah.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Jack is so cute. I have decided that I am going to make an I Spy quilt for our baby even joined a group to swap fabrics. Love the ornament!


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