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Here's a montage of the quilts I've finished this year.  Only a little over 1/2 of these were on my resolution list for 2011.

Not a bad year.  The 3 whisper quilts are part of a challenge and I can't show anyone until mid year 2012.  But I wanted credit for getting these done.  I didn't include all the ornaments I made this year too.

I need to work on my 2012 resolution list.  I hope to have that posted by the 1st.  I want to focus on some scrap therapy quilts this next year on top of the other quilts I want to do. 

For the records, I want the 2011 resolution list posted here because the list on the right will change when I update in a few days.
I'm excited - tomorrow I get to see my grandson.  We're having our little Christmas tomorrow.

Thanks for looking.  Have a happy new year.  


  1. Enjoy that baby! They grow up so quickly!!!

  2. Wow what great accomplishments! I haven't quite set my resolution/goal list but I have alot I want to do this year. Number one is to finally use my quilt frame.. We will see


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