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Road 2 California

Our last evening at Road to California and we are very sad and very broke.  Here's a picture of my three roommates and classmates.  We all took David Taylor's Advanced Pictorial Applique class.
Back row:  Kathy Morrison and Debbie Van Fossen Front:  Diane Mitchell and Me

Here's the infamous David Taylor.  He was a lot of fun.  He has his way of doing things and he's a perfectionist and I know I musts have driven him crazy with my boring piece.  I won't show it until its done which may not be for a while.  Against his advise, i will probably do the "f" word with it - FUSE MY PIECES instead of hand applique.  We'll see.  
I took pictures of some of the phenominal quilts - will share at a later date.  Will also take pictures of some of the fabric I bought - I used some in my project.  All boring yellows. 

Thanks for looking.