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Out with the old, in with the new (resolution quilt list)

Wedding Dress Blue's blog had some wonderful goals for 2011 and I want to share them.  Her blog address is weddingdressblue  It's kind of a positive goal list which I loved.  I'm still going to make my resolution list but not because I want to get them all done by the end of 2011, but I like to keep track of what I have in my cabinet.

Here's last years list.  Posting it here so I'll have a record.

New resolution list on the right.

Here's the goals:
1.  Quilt!  Duh!
2.  Keep buying fabric.  As Wedding Dress Blue says, it makes me happy!  I don't really "need" more, but since I love fabric and it makes me happy, I'll buy more.  It was also be unreasonable to say I won't.
3.  Keep blogging!  This has been a fun way to show off my quilts.  I know my family looks to see what I've made.  That makes me happy.
4.  Use Scraps.  Even though the quilt store isn't doing Scrap Therapy anymore, I will continue to make scrap quilts.   I love the look of scrap quilts and I don't feel guilty using those for my dog beds and sofa covers.  When you have 3 dogs, you do what you can to protect your furniture and quilts makes it look prettier than an ugly sheet.
5.  Continue to take classes.  Learn more.  Create more.  I already plan on taking classes next year with David Taylor (at Road to California), Deb Karasik (January guild lecture and workshop); Judy Sisneros 9 patch pizzaz (March guild lecture and workshop); and Anelie Beldon Thoroughly Modern  Dresdon (May guild lecture and workshop).

Here's to a great new year.
Thanks for looking.


  1. Thanks for promoting happy goals. Now I wish I had included "Keep learning," too. It is good to stretch our boundries and discover new things about our art and ourselves.


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