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Look at what I bought at Road 2 California

If you want to see some great photos of the show quilts, check out Darlene's at Sew Cal Gal.  She did a great job summarizing the show and the quilts.  More importantly this is what I worked on and what I bought.

Fabric for my bosses son quilt.  (His school colors)

Marimekko Oyj Suomi fabric. 

Another Marimekko fabric.

The books I bought.

The thread and crystals I bought.

And to add to my fall fabric stash.

Misc. fabrics, a pattern ,  2 fabric packs to go with pattern.

Some of the yellows and greens and browns I got to use on my class project.

The picture I used for my project.

This is as far as I've gotten.  I'm using this green instead of appliqueing all the leaves.

Want to make a red, white and blue quilt - here's a start of it.

Not sure what I'm going to do with the Marimekko fabrics.  I was thinking of just finishing the edge of the red one and using as a table cloth.  My friends think I need to machine quilt it (whole quilt type).  The blue would make a cool shower curtain or curtain somewhere.  I know on my yellow fabrics I'm sure I bought more but i didn't remember what I bought versus what I brought for the class.  I know I bought a bunch of greens too, some before the class and some while at the show.  After a while, they all looked alike!  

I travel with a great group of ladies.  Not only my roommates and classmates shown in the previous blog, but Anna Koelewyn (Anna the Artist Within-link to the right) was there and shared meals with us.  She took Mary Lou Weidman's (spelling) class and was there for show and tell with us each night.  And the last two nights, Grace Hoya and Barbara Sawyer were there too.  Too fun.  

 Thanks for looking.  Hopefully some more finished projects soon!


  1. We had a great time this week at Road to Ca. I love everything you purchased.

  2. Love all the beautiful fabrics. Nola


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