Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Love My Mom

I went to visit my folks this weekend because my older sister from Massachusettes was visiting   Look what my mom gave me.  Is this not the prettiest thing ever?  There was no reason for the gift.  It's not my birthday, anniversary or anything - just because. 

Neither my mom or my dad have been feeling up to par lately.  It's hard to see such vibrant people tired all the time.  Breaks my heart and wish there was something I could do.  All we can do is pray for them.  My dad is frustrated because he's having a hard time hearing and because of some recent surgery to his ear he hasn't been able to wear his hearing aids.  Hopefully soon they'll be able to get him fitted for some hearing aids.  My mom has some serious health issues but currently is doing well.  She looked great.

We went looking for flower girl dresses for my niece who will be in my oldest nephews wedding in August.  We got to try one on and Claire just didn't want to take it off.  She will make the best flower girl.  She's even practice scattering flower petals at my folks house. 

As far as sewing, I have been working on some birthday gifts so I can't show them until I give them away.
  I also treated myself to an iphone today.  Still trying to figure it all out - but what I've seen it's pretty cool.  I have to figure out how to get Facebook Scrabble working and my emails.  I have never had a phone that did more than do calls and voice mail.  Now my friends can text me without costing me an arm and a leg. 

Good night friends.  I get to learn how to dye fabric this weekend and will have some stuff to show after that.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Customer Service says a lot about a company

And I just have to give a round of applause to Terry Dawson of Simplicity Creative Group - a company that represents or owns the EZ Quilting line of tools.  I could not find my directions for the EZ Dresden plate ruler and I found on line how to use it and make a plate but they were all for big plates (14") so I contacted them (EZ Quilting) and asked if there was a copy somewhere of the chart that says that this size of wedge will make this size of plate. After a few emails of explanations this kind lady actually went to their warehouse, pulled the ruler and copied the directions for me.  I have read in the past that we should keep our directions for rulers in a binder or somewhere all together and I realize now that this is what I will have to do. 

Thanks Terry for you time and help.  Customer service is so key in these times and what you did will not be forgotten. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One Block Wonder -FINALLY

Finished it last night.  Still need to name it--a label is already sewn to the back.  My husband is thinking of a good name. 
And yes, this is a resolution quilt that is finished.  I spent more time fretting about the quilting for the blocks and you can't even see them.  Ha!  Joke's on me.  I like it though.  Came out just as I expected. 

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Honorable Mention - such an honor

The local quilt show, Best of the Valley, was this weekend and I entered two quilts.  They both got ribbons, honorable mention.  These are the two I entered.

Anyway, the show was wonderful thanks to Suzanne Kistler the organizer and because she's so wonderful, she had a ton of volunteers to help make the show so wonderful. 

My friend Anna, was the featured artist.  Here she is in her area with just some of her quilts showing.  She also had several quilts in the show and won a couple more ribbons. 

My friend Debbie won 1st place for this quilt - it's from our Material Girls Paint Chip Challenge.  This quilt is spectacular in real life - the machine quilting will make anyone jealous.
Then my friend Diane also won a ribbon for her Vintage Moments.  I believe it was first place too--if it wasn't it should have been.
Then Janice won Best of Show for best use of color.  Wow!  So proud.
I had other friends who won but I didn't get any pictures (even though I brought my camera- all the photos above were taken from my friends blog.)  Our guilds opportunity quilt that I machine quilted also took first place.  Pretty happy about that.  The judges comments on my two entries weren't bad at all but I had to laugh at one she wrote "minor piecing issues at intersections".  I would love to tell the judge about my blog title, pointless quilter.  ha ha.  So if that was the worst of the comments, I feel pretty good.  I look at those comments on areas to work and improve on.  Anyway busy day selling opportunity quilt tickets and docenting for 3 HOURS!  My feet and back are sore.   Thanks to Bernita Garcia for docenting with me and keeping me company.  And congratulations to all my friends who participated and made it in the show.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Not One, But Two Finishes

and neither of them are on my resolution list!
This first one is for the Common Threads Quilt Guild's annual Great Little Quilt Sale on July 4th.  The guild asks each of us to donate a small quilt to help raise money for the charity programs.
The redwork embroidery was done by machine, that I bought through OESD.  This is what I did with all the half-square triangles I squared up on Friday night.

This next piece was the result of the guild's class I took on Saturday with Linda Schmidt.  We melted, painted, burned, puffed paint, you name it - it was done on this piece.  I learned a lot and it sure was fun.  The pictures doesn't really show how dimmensional this piece is.  The tree trunks and some of the rocks were made with the puffed paint and some are made with those white tyvek envelopes melted, we used lutrador, sheer fabrics seared with a wood burner and painted, heated cellophane and more. 

And just for kicks, I have to show my cute little boy dog Walter.  When I was getting up the other morning, his little head poked thru the quilt on the bed.  But of course by the time I got the camera, he was getting ready to get down - but this is still a cute one of him.  And laying at the head of the bed among all the pillows is my little girl dog, Duchess.
Good night my friends.