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Not One, But Two Finishes

and neither of them are on my resolution list!
This first one is for the Common Threads Quilt Guild's annual Great Little Quilt Sale on July 4th.  The guild asks each of us to donate a small quilt to help raise money for the charity programs.
The redwork embroidery was done by machine, that I bought through OESD.  This is what I did with all the half-square triangles I squared up on Friday night.

This next piece was the result of the guild's class I took on Saturday with Linda Schmidt.  We melted, painted, burned, puffed paint, you name it - it was done on this piece.  I learned a lot and it sure was fun.  The pictures doesn't really show how dimmensional this piece is.  The tree trunks and some of the rocks were made with the puffed paint and some are made with those white tyvek envelopes melted, we used lutrador, sheer fabrics seared with a wood burner and painted, heated cellophane and more. 

And just for kicks, I have to show my cute little boy dog Walter.  When I was getting up the other morning, his little head poked thru the quilt on the bed.  But of course by the time I got the camera, he was getting ready to get down - but this is still a cute one of him.  And laying at the head of the bed among all the pillows is my little girl dog, Duchess.
Good night my friends.


  1. Hey love the pics. Thanks for sharing. Dogs just make life better. Sue

  2. Both pieces of work are excellent.Did you enjoy making the second piece, I love finding new mediums to work with especially as you have much more freedom to do what you want. Sweet pictures of the doggies.

  3. Your art quilt from Saturday looks good. Mine looks like a child made it. I love the Redwork Quilt. And your Babies are just soooooo cute! Can you tell I'm a Mother of Dogs too?

  4. Girl, I haven't visited your blog in a while. You have been B U S Y! Bravo! (Do I spy with my little a.... a mystery quilt?) hee hee


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