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I Love My Mom

I went to visit my folks this weekend because my older sister from Massachusettes was visiting   Look what my mom gave me.  Is this not the prettiest thing ever?  There was no reason for the gift.  It's not my birthday, anniversary or anything - just because. 

Neither my mom or my dad have been feeling up to par lately.  It's hard to see such vibrant people tired all the time.  Breaks my heart and wish there was something I could do.  All we can do is pray for them.  My dad is frustrated because he's having a hard time hearing and because of some recent surgery to his ear he hasn't been able to wear his hearing aids.  Hopefully soon they'll be able to get him fitted for some hearing aids.  My mom has some serious health issues but currently is doing well.  She looked great.

We went looking for flower girl dresses for my niece who will be in my oldest nephews wedding in August.  We got to try one on and Claire just didn't want to take it off.  She will make the best flower girl.  She's even practice scattering flower petals at my folks house. 

As far as sewing, I have been working on some birthday gifts so I can't show them until I give them away.
  I also treated myself to an iphone today.  Still trying to figure it all out - but what I've seen it's pretty cool.  I have to figure out how to get Facebook Scrabble working and my emails.  I have never had a phone that did more than do calls and voice mail.  Now my friends can text me without costing me an arm and a leg. 

Good night friends.  I get to learn how to dye fabric this weekend and will have some stuff to show after that.


  1. Is that a pincushion? Very pretty! I know how you feel about your parents-I can see a change in mine too. Slowing down. I got a Blackberry a few months ago and it's easy to get addicted to all the "extras". It's nice to get your emails on the phone!

  2. What a great pincushion. I love the green print cup too. It reminds me of my currier and ives dishes in blue and white. I never use the coffee cups since I prefer mugs. I should get them out of storage and make some cute sewing room accessories.


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