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Customer Service says a lot about a company

And I just have to give a round of applause to Terry Dawson of Simplicity Creative Group - a company that represents or owns the EZ Quilting line of tools.  I could not find my directions for the EZ Dresden plate ruler and I found on line how to use it and make a plate but they were all for big plates (14") so I contacted them (EZ Quilting) and asked if there was a copy somewhere of the chart that says that this size of wedge will make this size of plate. After a few emails of explanations this kind lady actually went to their warehouse, pulled the ruler and copied the directions for me.  I have read in the past that we should keep our directions for rulers in a binder or somewhere all together and I realize now that this is what I will have to do. 

Thanks Terry for you time and help.  Customer service is so key in these times and what you did will not be forgotten. 


  1. That's good to know Barb. And a good Idea about keeping the directions for our tools in a binder.


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