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One Block Wonder -FINALLY

Finished it last night.  Still need to name it--a label is already sewn to the back.  My husband is thinking of a good name. 
And yes, this is a resolution quilt that is finished.  I spent more time fretting about the quilting for the blocks and you can't even see them.  Ha!  Joke's on me.  I like it though.  Came out just as I expected. 


sew4real said…
WOW! I love how the embroidered fish turned out! I love the asymmetrical border! very cool
quiltedtime said…
Your quilting in the water is the best part. I love it!

I see stars... something about star fish for the title? It looks so elegant... is the black velvet?
sewmuchfun said…
Love the quilt, so creative!
Quilt Crazy said…
I love it! Funny I've been working on mine today. Already messed it up though!