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Really, I've been busy

Except for yesterday when I was down with the flu.  Still home from work today because I'm not feeling 100% yet.  It took all I had yesterday to get up and throw balls to The Guy (one of our dogs).  So today I'm going to post some pictures of things I've finished in the last couple of weeks but was unable to post because they were gifts. 

First, one thing to mark off of my resolution list.  (Yea!)  The picture is poor quality because my husband took off on his post retirement National Park trek with the camera.  (he's having a great time by the way).  So this was taken with my cell phone camera. 

Each block has a different background stitch pattern.  I referred to 365 Days of Free Motion Quilting blog for ideas that I'd like to try.  Now I know which patterns I would use and those I wouldn't.  I also used this as a sampler for my guild's Quilt University where I showed free motion quilting.  Now it will be my reference piece.

And two of my friends from the art friendship group, Loose Threads, had birthdays this month, the rest of us made either a piece of ribbon or a small quilt to give them.  Adena turned 32 so we each made 32 inches of a "ribbon" or "worm" quilt that Grace put together in one very long piece.  Here's what I made for her.

  And since Grace already has a worm quilt, we each made a small 10 or 12" quilt and Anna put all the little quilts together with chains.  I don't have a picture of the final piece, but it turned out very cool.  Since purple was her favorite color, we were instructed to include that color in our piece. 

And waiting in the wings to be quilted is a Scrap Therapy quilt (dog one) and the 60's Challenge Quilt.  I'm loving the process of that quilt and I can't wait to show it here.  But I can't until after the guild meeting in June. 


  1. I would love to see that quilted sampler up close again.


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