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Look what my husband brought home from his travels

We have a pottery collection and on his travels home from picking up his trailer in Michigan (we're in California) he brought home these goodies.  We try to buy only stuff that was made in the towns/states that we visit.  Our collections is getting quite big.  

As far as quilting - I finished the 60's challenge quilt.  Can't wait to show it off.  Now all I need to do is finish my ATC cards for the guild meeting (60's themed as well).  And a few more gifts for the people who finish their mystery quilt.  Then I have to quilt my latest Scrap Therapy quilt that's pinned and ready to go and then I have a mini whole cloth quilt that's marked, pinned and ready to go - probably donate that to the Great Little Quilt Sale if I can get it done before the July guild meeting. 

So much to do, so little time.  Good thing I have Monday off - I hope to get a lot done.  

Until later...