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My First Shop Hop has begun

In the 10 years I've been quilting, I have never been on a shop hop.  The Central Valley is hosting their first Shop Hop from Maricopa - which is way the heck in nowhere (southwest of Bakersfield) to up north to Ceres.  Today we went south, tomorrow we go north, and Sunday we stick close to home.  I have not purchased a whole lot - my goal is to get a fat quarter from each store and since I don't have a lot of orientals, I thought I'd try that.  Found a great diaper bag pattern (for my step-daughter) and some Hobbs wool batting.  That is just day 1 and 4 quilt shops. 

Off to bed - we're leaving at 7 a.m. and going north and working our way south towards home.  Maybe if I'm not too beat I'll report on that. 

The thing that bums me most is that I won't be able to sew all weekend because I'll be shopping. 


  1. I love shop hops. I hope you have fun!



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