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I Dyed a Little Today

I'm sorry - I just couldn't help myself with the corny title.  But I did actually dye fabric today and it was great fun.  Here's what I ended up with all washed and ironed.  Some of them turned out to be the same colors so a few of us will be trading with each other.  There were 7 of us and most of us did different color runs.
 Here are a few of my friends doing what you have to do while dying - waiting.   

Other than this, I have done nothing creative yet this weekend.  I have laundry to do and a house to clean.  Maybe after that I'll work on machine quilting a quilt for a friend. 


  1. I love hand dyed fabric...lovely assortment of colors you got. Looks like it was a GREAT day.

  2. Beautiful! I need to "dye" a little bit. :)


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