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Scrappy Japanese Quilt and Loose Threads

This is the finished quilt project from Roberta Hortons class from a couple months ago.  I had to get a couple more Japanese Yakata fabrics to finish the border.  It's not my favorite quilt, but it will do.  It's a small lap sized piece, quilted simply with straight line stitching.

Last night was my art group, Loose Threads, meeting.  We are working through the Fearless Design book and last nights meeting was all about borders.  Several of us didn't get to do the project, but two members did.  I did bring quilts, like the one above, where I had to make border decisions.
Here's Adena's pieces -

And Grace did the project too.  Here are her 4 pieces.

The books says they were to be quilted too, but we're all pretty much working women or have been traveling lately, therefore not alot of participation this time.  I thought it would be fun, but with Asilomar last week and all the other projects I have started already, I just didn't have the time.  

I have finished all the embroidery I'm going to do on my One Block Wonder and now I "just" have to pin and quilt, as desired.  ha ha

Off to bed.  Good night.


  1. Your Robert Horton Quilt turned out great! Better than you thought, huh?

  2. Can't wait to see your One block wonder, My blocks are still in a box!


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