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Look at what I got in the mail today.

I may not have been inspired at Asilomar by my teacher, but I was very inspired by my friend's teacher Don Linn.  He uses these types of book for quilting designs and  they can also be used for applique designs.  So exciting and so many possibilities.  I already found some koi fish that I can use for my one block wonder quilt.
I have been working hard on my Material Girls friendship group blocks.  I have 8 of 17 done.  Can't really show them because some of them read the blog and I kind of want them to be a little surprised.  Maybe I'll try to show a little of them when I have them all done.  We are exchanging in June (challenge part #1) and then we have until December to get our blocks into a quilt (challenge part #2).  Each of us gave our wish list like size, colors and some designs (like Sunbonnet Sue).   And we have to sign our names on each block so it's kind of a signature block exchange.  I've requested blocks in ocean colors.  (greens, blues, ...) 
Don't have any big plans this weekend so I will be sitting at my sewing machine.  Hope you are all able to do the same.


  1. Are these books by Dover? Are the designs copyright free? They look very interesting.


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