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Look what I won at Guild tonight!

Just a quickie to brag about the haul I won at guild tonight.  Our guild has a little raffle each month to help earn additional money for speakers.  Kristin Eilers, a member, dyed these fabrics and donated them for our raffle.  I'm a lucky girl!  And Kristin is an awesome fabric dyer.  Thanks Kristin. 
I leave Sunday for a week at Asilomar--sooooo excited.  I'll report when I get back.


  1. Lucky girl!!!

    I look forward to your report.

  2. I'm surprised you made it out of the building without being tackled. There could have not gone to a better quilter. Enjoy!

  3. Double jealousy here - both the hand dyes AND Asilomar!! I wanna be you this week! ;)

  4. I am so glad you won the fabric. If anyone will make something with them, you will:)

  5. I second that! You are the perfect winner but man, am I jealous! I soooooo wanted to win that stash. Can't wait to hear about Asilomar but does that mean you won't be at Party? I'll miss ya!

  6. 我愛那些使自己的德行成為自己的目標或命定的人........................................


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