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My view when I get up in the morning

from our hotel room at the Asilomar Conference Center while attending the Empty Spools Seminar.
Do you feel sorry for me?  It is gorgeous here - cold and breezy - a little rain - but it's not stopping us from having fun. 

My friend Anna is taking Don Linn's machine quilting class.  She is LOVING IT!  And you should see what she has done.  She has a blog - linked on my right here - Anna the Artist Within.  Give her a week or so to show you her stuff.

My other friend Debbie (also has a blog on the right -crazy debbie- and she's taking Ruth McDowel and is also loving her class.  She's doing a picture of her 16 year old dog Squirt and so far what she has done is amazing. 

I'm taking Elly Sienkewitz (spelling) applique.  I hate to say this because she is the sweetest, nicest lady, but I'm not really thinking it was worth the money to come see her.  She is giving us a lot of history about Balitmore Album quilts (her specialty) but she's not actually demonstrating any of the applique techniques. I know the basic applique stitches and was really hoping to be shown more than drawings on board - I am a visual person - I need to see it done.  That is just my opinion tho.  There are a lot of ladies in our class who have taken her several times and just love her - but they are pretty much advanced appliquers.  I think next year they need to change the class description.  However, the food and company is excellent.  If I could afford it again, I would come again.  But I would be more careful about what class I sign up for.  Get references.  Ha!
I  will have a finished block probably - thanks to all the ladies sitting around me.  Quilters are such sweeties and are always so helpful. 
Anyway, power to my laptop is getting low and I need to go. 


  1. barb, sounds great! Tell the girls hello for me and I found my blog page Ha Ha susie q looking forward to seeing all that you girls are doing. sue

  2. *sigh* And I thought I was going to get through 2010 without a case of Asilomar envy. Thank you for the picture. Now I want to go pull up mine from the past few years and pretend I'm there. Enjoy!!!

  3. Barb
    I had a great time at Empty Spools with you and Anna. Loved it all! I promise to get my Blog updated this weekend.

  4. Lucky you looks very pretty. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Bunny


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