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2010 Quilts

Here's pictures of the quilts and/or projects I finished in 2010.  I know these are all the quilts, but I'm not sure if I got all the little crafty things I finished on here.  Sometimes I foget to take pictures.  Or they were part of a bigger quilt like the pieces I did for the Loose Threads ribbon quilts.  I only finished 13 of the 25 quilts on my resolution list for 2010.  However, one of the quilts on the list has 12 different mini quilts and there are 2 of those finished.  Then I have the top of one other finished and I hope to get that quilted or at least started this weekend.  Tomorrow I work on the new years resolution list!

When you see them all together you can really see I don't have a particular style of quilting.  I'm game to try anything and any color.
Tomorrow comes the "NEW LIST OF RESOLUTION QUILTS".  Today it's all about putting Christmas decor away.  Which I'm stalling because I dread going back and forth to the storage shed to get the boxes and then back and forth to put them back.
Thanks for looking.


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