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Postcards and Puppies

We had a nice quiet Thanksgiving with just my in-laws, got my house decorated for the holidays, and started working on some Christmas gifts (which of course I can't show).  I can show these postcards for the guild show and tell.  Sorry about the photo - taken with cell phone - don't know why it's sideways.  Anyway I quilted with metallic thread on velvet and used crystals to decorate.  I'll try to take better photos with real camera.

So on to the puppy part, my husband told me this morning he was going to the local flea market to go look for a bike (he plays with them, puts engines on them, etc.) but instead of coming home with a bike he came home with this little girl.

Here she is snuggled inside my sweatshirt.  We won't be able to keep her but my husband just couldn't leave her running around the flea market.  Looks like she was dumped there.  He walked around the whole place hoping someone would claim her.  He said he saw 2 little girls holding 2 other puppies so he figured that had to be the case.  Anyway, we bathed her and fed her but are keeping her away from the other dogs in case she has some disease.  She's awfully thin but a good natured little girl.  She won't get huge because she has tiny little paws.  We can't figure out exactly what she is - a little chihuahua or boxer or terrier or a mix of all.  Jeff will take her to the vet tomorrow and find a place where he can place her where she won't be euthenized.

So if you live in the central valley California and want a sweet little girl, let me know.  I'd love to find her a good home.  (I already have 3 dogs which is why I can't keep her.  I like to joke that there is no room in the bed for another dog, which is actually pretty true.)

I have enjoyed looking at everyone's blogs this weekend.  Fun to see all the decorations and Thanksgiving pictures.  Let the Christmas music begin!

Thanks for looking.