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Some gifts received (and sneaking in one I'm giving)

Okay maybe I'm not sneaking it in because I'm going to start the blog with it.  My step-daughter asked me to make her husband and my grandson matching hooded towels because her hubby Chad just thinks they are so cool.  She even found a blog with directions on how to make them.  (Thanks  So I made these.  I know Kelly checks my blog occassionally but I don't think Chad does so it's safe to share this.

Chad's is made with a bath sheet and Jack's is made with a regular sized towel.  I hope they'll like them.

Now being part of  two very talented friendship groups, I have been getting some wonderful gifts.  Here are just a few of the handmade items.  This is just a tip of the iceburg of the wonderful gifts I've received - not all of them.

Anna Koelewyn belongs to both the groups I'm in and for one she made us these cute magnetic pin holders.  They are just clay saucers she's painted and glued strong magnets on the bottom.   The second item were these painted and mod podged boxes.  I love organizational things and when I got home I saw that the box would be perfect to hold the fabric/fiber postcards I've been making and receiving.

Sara made this great bookmark with this quote on the back.  "Think where glory most begins and ends, and say my glory was I had such friends.  W. B. Yeats."  She also got us some embellishment supplies (buttons and butterflies and we're wondering if she has some plans for us to use them), and this cool stone with Glass Eye on the back.

Barbara Sawyer made these wonderful pins with fabric, wire and beads.  (I get so amazed how they can even think of making something so pretty.)

Now here is where my sisters have to close their eyes.  Janice made these adorable ornaments and I think this is what I'll make for my family next year.

Last but not least for tonight...the art group I'm in is called Loose Threads and when Grace was in Long Beach this summer she saw these great pins and picked them all up to give for gifts.  I think she got them at the Pin Peddler.  (It says Loose Threads on the top.)

No quilting lately.  I did put together the remaining 256 half-square blocks to make a center of a quilt.  I've been looking through some books to find a great finish for these blocks.  It's pretty scrappy.  It's all the colors of the ocean waters (blues, aquas, greens).  Also have the Christmas pine burr top almost finished  ordered some fabric on line that I thought would work for the border but sadly didn't even come close - so will have to continue looking.  I hate having unfinished tops like this.  I'm itching to quilt something.

Well, it's late, I should proof this (but it doesn't mean there won't be typos above anyway).  Thanks for looking.


  1. Oops! I peeked! I've already started looking at ideas for next year too... you would think I could wait till I finished this year!

  2. I love love love my pin dish from Anna, too. What a clever idea. I never have enough pin cushions. I love the creativity and generosity of quilt buddies! <3

  3. Your towels turned out really cute. I need a lesson in embroidery:)

  4. Barb the towels are so cute did yoou get a pic of the two of them in them, really nice. sue


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