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2 more finishes from my list

Wow - I can scratch 2 more quilts from my resolution list.  The first one here is the Baltimore Album block I started at Asilimar in March.  I will eventually make more blocks but that is not on my list and I am not ready to start another hand project yet.  But this block is DONE!
The next finish is the 2nd of 12 Fresh Fig Vintage Postcard quilts.  I am using fusible/raw edge applique on these.  I think I will need to purchase more of their (Fresh Fig) fabrics to finish the rest.  Good thing they are usually at Pacific International in Santa Clara which is this weekend.

So me and 3 of my friends will be driving to Santa Clara on Saturday for the Pacific International Quilt Show.  I have a list already of things I need.  See that!  Things I NEED.  I always start off good and then get sidetracked by all the beautiful fabrics and patterns.  I plan on taking lots of pictures of the quilts too.  They always have such a wide variety and great exhibits.

This past weekend I went up north to visit my folks.  On Sunday, instead of going to the movies, my sister-in-law Marcy suggested we (me, her and my niece Claire) go geocaching.  (It's like treasure hunting using a gps.)  The first cache was so cool.  We found it in a mushroom.  The rest were what they call LP's.  Which means light poles (not the records like we thought with the first one).   We found 5 of 8 we went on the hunt for and today my SIL called and said she found one that we couldn't find the other day and she said that 2 of the ones we didn't find were de-activated.  Anyway, it's fun and it gets you outside in the fresh air.

My folks looked great considering they both have some medical issues.  They are learning to take it easy and rest alot.  My mom has been busy crocheting, knitting and other needle work.  She even knitted some scarves for me to give as gifts this year.  I think it was something she could do while they were traveling last month.  My dad is always working on something - usually something outside or in his shop.   

I will report back after PIQS this weekend.
Thanks for looking.


  1. Great finishes! I really love the Halloween quilt.

  2. Your Baltimore block is Beautiful!!


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