Saturday, July 4, 2009

I'm going to Asilimar!!!!

I got my confirmation in the mail yesterday (but only got mail this morning from the box). I am going to take Elly Sienkiewicz Baltimore’s Iconic Clipper Ship class. Many new and different techniques to learn - “paint” with fabric, advanced layered appliqué, Unit appliqué; Ultrasuede Appliqué; Reverse Appliqué; dimensional flowers (of cloth or ribbon); theorem – stenciled or pen-shaded sails or ocean waves using oil pastel-stenciled into foaming caplets. Embellish with ink work and thread, or outline the top deck with a prim, straight line of bead embroidery.

Now let's see how lucky I get with classes at Road to California. I'll know that on Tuesday.

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Beverly Andersen said...

Non-quilter... what is Asilimar?