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Back from Cambria Retreat

I am very fortunate to have in-laws who own a little house in Cambria, California. It's a two bedroom, two bathroom place with a trailer in the back that we call the third room. We can get 8 people sleeping there, but the problem we have is where to quilt. This is the latest set up we've had.
Pictures were taken by Adena, who is in this photo. To the right of Adena, sat me and my friend Kathy. To the left and behind Adena sat Sheila, Rita and Anna. Sue came with Sheila for 2 days but she did hand work and sat on the sofa. We had to remove furniture to get all of us and our stuff in.
Here are some of the tops that we worked on or finished.

Adena finished this block of the month top. She added blocks to make it this size.
Sue brought us some goodies, actually her new husband snuck those in her suitcase with a love note.

Sheila working on a log cabin heart quilt.

Rita finished (mostly) a kit quilt that uses a panel. Can you believe it. It's beautiful. This is our "design" bed.
Kathy finished her pineapple quilt using Jody Barrows Square in a Square technique.

Anna finished a scrap therapy top.

And I completed this Fresh Squeeze top which is made with layer cakes. Instead of hand appliqueing the circles I just raw edge machine appliqued them.

I also made all the blocks for Kelly and Chad's Christmas rag quilt. I "just" have to put the squares together and start snipping. I also machine embroidered 4 labels, and the strips for another quilt. I got a lot done.

We ate, sewed and laughed. A great weekend.


  1. I'm impressed at all you ladies get done. My girls weekend... eating, drinking, some magazine reading and sunbathing... plus lots of talking!

  2. Beverly - we go to work. Mind you we ate,drank and read magazines too. And we can talk while we sew. The only thing we didn't do was sunbathe!

  3. What a group of beauties! Sounds like a great time. (Oh, and the quilts look really nice too! :-)


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