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Another un-named scrap therapy quilt finished

Finally, something finished to put on the blog. This scrap quilt was quite easy--and because of the prairie point border, I think it makes this a little more unique than my other scrap quilts. Still need a name for it though.
I've already started a new quilt for my friend who's had some trouble (the one I talked about a blog post or two ago). It's the Churndash quilt from The Buggy Barn's Certifiably Crazy book. It's made of wool in the book but I'm making mine with cotton fabrics. I won't say more because I think she sometimes looks at my blog. I'm hoping it will go together quickly.
This weekend will be busy - today was a trip to Thimble Town Quilt Store because they had their big sale. I bought fabric for the quilt I described above. Tomorrow I go to the Lemoore Park 4th of July celebration in the morning/afternoon to help sell our guild's opportunity quilt tickets and help with the great little quilt sale. And then in the evening I'm off to my friend Tracy's to soak in her pool and keep her company. Her husband and kids went to the coast and she stayed home with the dogs to keep them safe during the fireworks. My husband will be home alone with our dogs to keep them safe during the fireworks. On Sunday I hope to get some housecleaning done after church. Somewhere in there I have to grout my fireplace backing.
I wish everyone a safe and wonderful 4th of July.


  1. Love the quilt...well done...hugs Khris

  2. you should name it summer squash & corn
    those colors make me think of vegetables!

    I figured out what I am going to do with my paint chip challenge!



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