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Graduation Gift and a Mystery Revealed

My nephew graduates from high school this year.  I decided to let him pick a pattern and colors and I think he did great.  This is his quilt.

Simple straight line quilting.

Saw a tutorial on Pinterest how to make the label in the binding.
This is a pattern from Connecting Threads called Move Over.  I added one extra set of colors to make it a bit wider and also made it a little longer.  Wanted it to fit his dorm bed.  I also used a great wool flannel for the back.  A pretty simple pattern as long as you keep your strips in order.

I also finished our guilds mystery quilt.  It's not due until August so I'm ahead of the game here too.  I found some fabrics in my stash for the front and back!  Love when that happens.  The fabrics were actually from a kit that I got from a friendship group member that passed away a few years ago.  I realized I wouldn't make her pattern so de-constructed her kit.

Only one of these was on my 2017 Goal list of quilts I wanted to finish this year.  The Mystery Quilt was #11.   So 5 of the 15 are done.  Woo Hoo!

Also when my mom passed away my sisters and I went through all her needlework stuff.  She crochet and knitted and cross stitch (and card/scrapping, and...okay - she was crafty) and she had this tulip table runner started.  I decided to finish the bunch of florals she started and stop there.  I made a pillow with it.  Just in time for my spring decorating.

This past weekend was the local quilt show, Best of the Valley.  I entered two quilts and ended up getting a third place ribbon on one.  (The friendship group challenge - stack 'n whack quilt)  Amazingly I didn't take any pictures.  I got there just a couple hours before the show closed and had to docent the last two hours, and of course I had to do some shopping.  It's a great show, so if you are ever in the central valley of California in April, please make a point to come to the show.  I always love to read what the judges say too.  Some things I agree with.  One of the comments was that I should have quilted more in the applique of the Coxcomb quilt.  I had thought about that when quilting it but that was my design choice to not quilt more in it.  Judging is subjective and I understand that and don't get too worked up over their choice of winners.

Thanks for looking.  I have a lot of little projects to work on.  Well, the Quilt Show block of the month is a biggie - that should take a while with a lot of curved flying geese paper piecing blocks.


  1. Great finishes. The pillow is a nice shared project with your mom.
    You said "Simple straight line quilting" for your nephew's quilt - but I've heard straight line quilting is hard to keep straight, so I'm not sure how simple it is.

  2. Love the binding idea! What a great job!

  3. Hi Barbara,
    Oh, your son's quilt is very cool. It helps me because my daughter asked for a king size in 'subway tiles' in varying shades of taupe. I've found most of the fabric except a really dark one, and wondered how it would look quilted in straight lines. You answered that question!
    Also, thanks for your comment on my blog. You are speaking from experience I see... those curved flying geese blocks on TQS BOM look like 'gray hair' material! I'm nearly ready to chicken out and make this a table cover, but knowing I'm not alone is encouraging. Do post a photo... that might give me a good kick to keep at the challenge :-)

  4. Thanks for leaving me a blog comment regarding my posts showing up. I came by to see your blog and it's fabulous. The quilt for your son is awesome. Congrats on the straight lines for those tiles; that's a tough challenge.
    I, too, have done the labels in the binding and think it's very clever.

  5. Your nephew's quilt is stunning! I love it!
    All your projects are beautiful, actually. :-)


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