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Coxcomb Quilt is Done (and a little Cambria retreat). Oh and I saw Kaffe Fasset

At Road to California 2015 I took Anita Shacklefords Coxcomb class.  This weekend I put the binding on my quilt.  She gifts you a little history of the coxcomb blocks and gives you  stencils to design your own.  This is my version.

I spent a lot of time contemplating my quilting.  Well actually it hung in my closet for almost a year.  I was afraid I would ruin it when I quilted it.  I did pin it about 4 weeks ago after I marked it and for the first time ever I had a problem with some of my safety pins rusting.  The older pins.  We turned our swamp cooler on a couple weeks ago and there you go  Most of the spots are in the back, but there are two in the front.  I have been given a few ideas on how to remove the stains.  Wish me luck.  

Me and two friends went to Cambria this weekend for a mini retreat.  It seems I didn't get a lot done but I did.  I got the binding on the Coxcomb quilt, I also made over 580 half-square triangles using the triangle on a roll papers.  It took several hours just to remove the papers.  Then a bit to press and then to cut off the bunny ears.  Here they all are ready to go into blocks.  It will be real scrappy except for the middle pinwheel.
Here are two finished blocks.
I also finished the Fat Quarter Shops Designer Mystery quilt.  
I had to make the last block and then all the borders.  I had all the rows done already (except for the block in the bottom right.)  

My friend Kathy finished the inside of her Material Girls challenge quilt.  
She'll add some beautiful rose fabric for the border.  

I did not take a picture of what Janice worked on..  She has her own blog so hopefully she'll post her progress on that.  It was a block of the month program with some beautiful applique.

Last weekend my friend Adena J. and I headed to San Jose to go to the Kaffe Fasset lecture at the San Jose Quilt Museum.  He was a very good speaker - funny and inspirational.  

I grew up in San Jose so with the help of Google Maps I found my old home.  It seems so small now.  And the town has changed so much since the 30 years I have lived there.  


Rebecca Grace said…
Oh, Barbara -- your coxcomb & currants quilt is SO beautiful! One of my favorite appliqué patterns ever, and you did such a great job. Don't we ALL worry that our quilting will "ruin" a quilt?! :-)
Sara Kelly said…
I'm so jealous that you got to see Kaffe Fassett;s lecture. Bet you have a Kaffe quilt in your future.
You've had an eventful 10 days. I can give testimony that the Coxcomb quilt is amazing in person. It was a great weekend. We all got a lot done.
Suzanne Kistler said…
Love, love, love the Coxcomb! :) Hope that I get to see it in person sometime, maybe BOTV? ;) Looks like your time at the coast was extremely productive. Good job! :)
Quiltedtime said…
Your scrappy half square triangles are my favorite. So much fun to use up those scraps!
Aj said…
Your Coxcomb quilting is AMAZING! And yay Kaffe! (Wasn't expecting a pic of me lol!)