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I spent the last week in Arizona to meet my new and only Great Niece.  I took my dad as he wanted to hold his great granddaughter.  My sisters and my brother also went so it was kind of a mini reunion.  Here's she is.  She is such a good baby.
I got to babysit her for an hour and what fun it was.

I had never been to Arizona so I got to see some great things.  We spent a couple hours on Lake Saguero.  Saguero is the type of cactus all around the lake.

So stinkin' cute.

There was some fishing.  This is my brother-in-law (aka Grandpa now)

My nephew Garrett with my dad.  Garrett is another nephew, the brother of the baby's dad.  
 We also took a trip to Sedona.

And to the Phoenix Botanical Gardens.  Who knew cacti could be so beautiful.

Me and my two sister.  
And we got to visit some old friends.

A friend of ours from high school and church in San Jose.

And a great neighbor from San Jose -one of my moms best friends.
Another reason for the trip was to hand deliver the wedding quilt (posted picture on 3/5/17) and the I spy quilt (posted 2/12/17) for my sister to keep for when her granddaughter visits.  Also to bring a knitted afghan that my mom made for her future grandchildren.  (Made before she passed away.)  

We rented an AirBNB house so it was perfect for us to entertain and stay together.  It was a great trip and I so enjoy spending time with my sisters and family.  

Sorry - no quilts to post although I did finish my nephews graduation quilt yesterday when we got home.  I just haven't taken pictures yet.  Hopefully tomorrow.  I did go to two quilt stores while gone.  I got a couple 1/2 yard pieces of fabric - but nothing to write home about.  The stores were okay - just nothing that absolutely needed.  

Thanks for looking.


  1. So happy you had a good time. What fun to see family.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time with family.
    One photo of cactus makes me think of a turkey.


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