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En Provence Quiltville Mystery Catch-Up

For the last 4 years, I have been participating in Bonnie Hunter's Annual Mystery.  (Easy Street 2012, Celtic Solstice 2013, Grand Illusion 2014, Allietere 2015) and I'm doing it again this year, En Provence.  She has a link up every week too which is fun to see how everyone is doing and how the quilt looks with different colors and fabrics.  She is always inspired by trips she takes and this year she took a trip to France and lavender fields.  This years colors include purples which aren't my favorite, but I happen to have enough and who knows, I may really like it all together.  Here are my scrap fabrics (sans the pink fabrics).

We have already been given 2 clues and I just caught up today.  The first clue was to make 4 patches using neutrals.  I got a lot of my neutrals from my strip basket which I'm thrilled about.

The second clue uses the pink 'constant' fabric' meaning the pink will be the same fabrics throughout the quilts.  All the other colors are scrappy.
If you want to check out other peoples progress (and it's people from not only around the US, but around the world) check out her blog posts here.  En Provence Monday Link Up Part 2


  1. I started doing the mysteries the same year as you. It's good when you can do the whole thing from stash. You have a wonderful assortment of neutrals there!

  2. Purples and mauves aren't my favourite either so I had to scrounge some from my very generous quilting buddies. I was going to go for half size but may have to go the whole hog now as I have so much! Yours are looking great.

  3. I love the diversity of your neutrals. In fact all your fabrics are great and go together nicely.

  4. Love some of the prints in your neutral pile...


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