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Clue 4 - En Provence Bonnie Hunter Mystery

Between cookie batches I was able to piece Clue 4 of the Bonnie Hunter Mystery - En Provence.
 And here are all 4 clues all nestled safely in a box.  I think I will need a bigger box.
I'm excited to see how these will all be put together and how she uses the green and yellows that we pulled for the quilt.

I also made some more microwave bowl cozies for gifts.

I also had this crazy idea to make Orca Bay in 2017 and thought I should sort my strips to see if I had enough blue and red.
I think I have enough of everything but yellow and purple to make several of her string fling quilts.  

See that pink box - it's stuffed full of neutrals.

I'm all set.

Thanks for looking.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.


  1. Whoa..... that's a lot of strips! glad you were able to finish clue 4. We're on track to finish over New Year's.


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