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Guild Challenge quilt

I can finally post this quilt I finished a couple months ago for our guild's challenge.

It was a magazine page challenge.  We each drew a magazine out of a bin (without looking) and then we drew a number out of a bag.  We had to be inspired by the page in the magazine that matched your number.  This is my page.

See how lucky I was.  I had a circle with buttonhole stitching on it.  I had 1/4" on my page and I had lots of words.  Words, words, words!  And some colors.  All the background fabrics in my quilt was text fabrics.  And I used the colors in the quilt using some of my small stash of  Kaffe fabrics.  I had just seen the Missouri Star quilt tutorial about the melon block.  I thought I could use that technique for circles.  But thought a quilt full of just circle blocks would be kind of boring so I added the melon patch in there.  

And guess what?  I got 1st place in the challenge.  And there was pretty stiff competition.  I had a friend take pictures with my camera of all the quilts and I'll post on our guilds facebook page and tag me so if you follow me on Facebook, you can see what I competed against.  Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of all their magazine pages (we all had a different page), but they were all really good.  The 2nd place one was hoot.  She did a little circular thing.  Her page had tea pots and hearts in a border but she also saw the word pig.  And from thinking about pig, she thought pigskin, and that turned into footballs.  So she had a cookie dish with football cookies.  She also used the numbers a few times on her quilt with the page numbers she got.  It was very clever.  They were all really good and you really could see their inspiration.  Before the winners were announced everyone that particpated had to get their quilt and go up front and talk about their quilts too.  I loved that part.  You hear a little more than what they wrote about their quilts.  


  1. Great quilt! Please bring it Friday so I can see it in person.

    The quilt stands on it's own, but your inspiration from the magazine really fit. Great job.

  2. Second thought.
    Is this fabric you collected on the shop hop a couple of years ago?

  3. I love it! And I love the background fabrics - perfect idea for this kind of project!

  4. I LOVE this quilt, Barbara! No wonder you won the challenge! And your inspiration magazine page made me laugh. Who but you would look at that article about eyelashes and leg waxing and come up with such a beautiful quilt? Congratulations!

  5. It sparkles! And hey, if you haven't named it yet, you can call it "Eye Candy" ;)


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