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Grand Illusion Mystery Caught Up and Christmas ornaments

I am all caught up with the Bonnie Hunter Grand Illusion Mystery quilt.  Here's the proof.
Clue 5

Clues 1-5
Christmas was wonderful.  Still not the same as it was without my mom, but we try to make it as good as she would have made it.  My sister made ravioli's a few weeks ago when she was here with a little help from my dad and sister holding the drill to turn the pasta maker (see pictures from a few posts back).  Our friends Kevin and Lori came for Christmas Eve dinner and we ate and laughed.  We played a game on Lori's phone called Heads Up which was fun.  Dad didn't play, but he enjoyed watching us and laughing at our answers and clues.

Each Christmas the siblings have exchanged hand-made ornaments.  For some reason, Christmas snuck up on 2 of them so only me and my younger sister got our ornaments completed.   Beverly made these little cuties.

I made these sleds.  I bought the patterns/kits at Creating Keepsake in New Hampshire on my grand adventure in Sept/Oct.  

And for my mother-in-law, step-daughter and granddaughter, I made these lace and flannel scarves.  (Pattern found on Pinterest -just search lace flannel infinity scraves).  I made my g-daughters scarf half the wide and about 40" long.  We had a great Christmas with the kids. 

We went to their house on the Sunday before Christmas.  

Jack loved his tent, flashlight and sleeping bag and fort kit we got him and Dylan.  He took his nap in his tent and they put his tent on his bed and slept that night in it too.  

Another Christmas done and all my decorations are put away for another year.  My Valentine stuff is all up already.  My bedroom is pink, pink and pink.  :)  

Going to Los Osos to ring in the New Year quilting with friends.  Can't wait.  Until then I have to work Monday and Tuesday.  

I haven't done much quilting this past week except for the Mystery quilt, but today I got a charity quilt made of leftover pieces from another quilt pinned and ready to take to LO.  Also getting the applique quilted down on my fall BOM so I won't have to bring so many colors of threads with me.  

Enough chit chat.  Thanks for looking and happy New Year.  I'll have my annual recap of quilts and things I made hopefully next week sometime.  And maybe change/update my resolutions list.  And maybe if the retreat is successful I'll have some finished quilts to show.  


  1. Jack is priceless in his new tent! Your scarves are delicious.

    Happy New Year!

  2. I love your handmade ornament tradition, Barbara -- those tiny "quilt" sleds are fabulous! Merry Christmas!

  3. Love the sleds Barb, what a perfect gifft! Have a great time at retreat. I will check in to see how you girls are doing 😊

  4. Merry Christmas! The ornaments are wonderful.


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