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Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion Mystery Part 2 & Family Time

I have only made 10 blocks of part 2 of the Bonnie Hunter Grand Illusion Mystery because I spent this past weekend with my dad (who turned 80) and my sisters who live out of state and my brother, sister-in-law and niece.  Pictures in a minute.  But business first.  Here is the start of part two.  I am using her method 3 which will give me 100 extra black/white and 100 extra red/white half square triangles.

I will work on these as needed.  I still need to mark the squares but I have some Christmas gifts I need to work on right of way.

This past weekend was my dad's 80th birthday.  He didn't want a big party but wanted his kids to come visit him so my sister from Massachusetts and my sister from Seattle came to Ripon and we all celebrated with him.  He wanted to have a lobster dinner so we invited Kevin and Lori (friends of my folks from San Jose who are like adopted siblings) to join us for an Outback Steakhouse dinner.
Here are some family pictures.
A picture of my dad and siblings.

My dad and adopted children.  

And all of us girls.
 While we were all there, we went through some of the Christmas decorations and kept the little my dad wanted to put out and took what we wanted and the rest goes to the Goodwill.  We also took my dad shopping for some things he needed and didn't want to go to the store by himself.  We (my dad and sisters) made ravioli's for us to eat that night and the rest for our annual Christmas eve fest.  It really wasn't as serious as their faces looked.  They were tired, they had been at it for a while.

One of the shopping trips we went to was Hobby Lobby and I found these huge letter's J and Y and made the work joy with my wreath.  (this is a picture of it up at my house).

I sewed some infinity scarves for my sisters and myself using this tutorial.  We found some great flannels and lace at Beverly's and Hobby Lobby.  And once I followed a you tube video on how to sew the piece to make one scarf, they were a cinch.  I may have to make a few for gifts.  If I can find the time.

I still have 3 quilts pinned and ready to quilt but I have a feeling those won't get done until next year.
Thanks for looking.


  1. Glad you were able to get together for some quality family time. I remember my dad's 80th. I don't think we've all been together since, and he's now 86. Time does not stand still. Glad you're making the most of it!

  2. So cool that everyone could show up for your father. Next time I make pasta I am getting the power tools out too. JOY on the wall is a fantastic idea. It works so well.

  3. Your mystery blocks are looking good!

    Love the "JOY" decoration. Great idea!

  4. Awesome gift for your Dad's 80th. I'm sure he loved having his kids together.

  5. How nice to have time with your Dad and family. That is what is important.

  6. Pretty Diamonds!...Pretty Christmas Tree too!..Loving the name of your Blog!

  7. I love your family pictures. You all certainly look alike--even the adopted siblings.


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