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Farmers Wife-Block of the Months all caught up

Whew!  I was 3 months behind on my Farmer's Wife block of the month.  I cut for all the blocks a couple weeks ago and was just sewing a few here and there when I had time.  My goal was to get these done by February.  So just made it.
Blocks 55-63

Blocks 64-72

Blocks 73-81
They are not all perfect but they will do.  Here are the finished blocks in EQ.
Blocks 1-81
I also got my Fat Quarter Shop block for this month and finished it up tonight.  So I am truly done with all my Block of the Months.  Until Saturday and then it starts all over again.
My little granddaughter has her first birthday party this Saturday and the theme is Strawberry Shortcake.  I made her the bib which I showed a few posts ago and then decided to make her this little pillow for her gift.  Kelly really doesn't want more toys for the kids so I try to make something decorative.  I think it came out adorable.  I made it so I can change it out - maybe a Christmas cover to match the Christmas quilt I plan on making her.  
Thanks for looking.


  1. I love your Farmers Wife Blocks. The colors are perfect! And I think that pillow is adorable. You are so creative

  2. congratulations on getting caught up on your Farmer's Wife blocks. You're doing great!! and the blocks look wonderful. It's a long journey, but you'll finish.
    The pillow is darling. She can think of you every time she takes a nap.(??!)

  3. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! ALL OF IT!!!

  4. Whew, a lot to get done in a month :)

  5. What a cute idea! Love the pillow! :)

  6. Ooh, you use EQ! Now I can ask YOU for shopping recommendations! Do you use EQ a lot? Which version do you have? How steep is the learning curve? Most importantly, are you able to create just about any quilt you've ever seen or could dream up in EQ, or are you limited to combining elements that come within the software unless you have a graphic design degree, additional illustration software, etc? EQ7 is on my wish list for my birthday (which is creeping up on me like the Grim Reaper).


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