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Bonnie Hunter Celtic Solstice Mystery Update

Here's the link to everyone else who did the mystery and posted at Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville's Quips & Snips page.  But you are here to see my top.
Here is it on my bed.  It is currently at the long arm quilter, Darby from Quilted Squid.  She's going to pantograph purple bats throughout.  Then after she gets done it will take days to sew binding down on this bad boy.  It's about 94 x 110 or something crazy like that.  And of course I will have to label it.

Thanks for looking.


Mina said…
That looks amazing!
Quiltedtime said…
Gosh, I love this one, Barb. You sure got it done quick.
Wow! It turned out great - wish you had included a close up. Actually, when I first saw the title I thought you had already quilted it. It wouldn't have surprised me.
Lisa Mikel said…
Your quilt looks great! You were busy. I made the smaller sized one but would've loved the king size one. Great colors!
Lisa in MN
Wow--it's so happy! And done! It will be a while before mine gets to that stage-lol!
sewmuchfun said…
Looks really good!
Sara Kelly said…
Although you had Halloween in mind, it looks like a bright happy quilt for Spring!
Elizabeth said…
That is fantastic!