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Some finishes

First I finished my tree skirt. I wanted something big and this is about 60" square. Just a quilt pattern that I cut a hole in the center.

I just quilted with all over swirls. And here it is under my new tree.

Tonight I finished binding this neutral quilt. This is a gift for a couple that were and still are good to my folks.

I free motioned feathers all over. Now it just needs a name and a label and it will be ready to wrap.

We had my in-laws over for a quiet Thanksgiving. Here's a picture of my table. I used my china and crystal which I haven't used for years.

Besides food see what else is missing? Jeff and I got all the food on the table and realized I never got around to putting silverware out. Food was good as was the company. Except for my hubby. He was anti-social as usual.

Today was all about putting decorations up. It was fun because I had the house to myself so I cranked up the Christmas music and got it done. I cried a bit too. My mom made a lot of things for us. For a while she made each of us these cross stitched cards. After receiving a few I wanted to frame them and I hang them around the big cross stitch picture she also stitched for me.

I need to figure a better way to hang them but we have these two big hooks on the wall that I can't remove so I tried to use them. It was also hard to put the ornaments on the tree. She also cross stitched some real beautiful ones for me over the years.

Thanks for looking. Tomorrow I am cutting and stitching the pieces for Bonnie Hunters newest mystery quilt. The clue came out today.



  1. Your new tree skirt really makes that tree look awesome. Wow!

  2. both quilts are lovely though I particularly like the neutrals one. It really gives a chance for the design and values to show. I do like the way you have displayed the cross stitched cards. They are too lovely to keep hidden away in a cabinet somewhere.

  3. Love the Tree Skirt. It turned out great. And the neutral one would be hard for me to give away.
    Barbara you have been do blessed to have those beautiful cards to display and think of your Mom.

  4. The tree skirt and quilt look great!
    It's nice to have things with memories of loved ones. It won't always be as sad as this year, but you'll think of her when you put them out each year.
    Thanks for the reminder of the mystery. I got busy and forgot!

  5. Love the tree skirt too. Quilt for Lori? How about "for our Lori"

  6. Love the tree skirt... your tree looks great. How about "For our Lori"

  7. Love the decorating, you're always one to inspire!


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