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Loose Threads Meets Again

This dragonfly

Has dyed his body


His is my interpretation of the haiku. I wanted to play with my paint sticks, metallic thread and some ideas I got at Cindy Needhams design workshop.

Sara felted some yarns and made a purse and then added this gorgeous dragonfly.

Barbara Sawyer also made a fall colored purse

Anna (with a cute little smirk) took her piece that was from the Danny Kaye quote challenge and added these copper rubbed pieces and some copper leaves.

Was a nice night catching up with the girl. Our next challenge will be storyboard challenges. We each do a story board of ideas and things we like and then pass them around and make a quilt using the board for inspiration.

And Anna got this for me for my birthday. So sweet.

Thanks for looking.



  1. How sweet! All of you are so creative. Love Anna's smirk!

  2. What are the dimensions for your piece? A nice variety of work from one quote.

  3. You're going to love the storyboards!


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