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Christmas 2012 - Call of Duty-Running with Scissors

I celebrated Christmas with my mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, sister, brother-in-law, two nephews and one niece.  Getting gifts for most of these people wasn't that hard but two young teen boys was the hardest thing for me to shop for.  You don't want to just hand them cash or a gift card - you have to make it more exciting.  So this year I created a video game that I figured we could all have fun with.  I actually just created video game covers.  When I gave the boys the packages I explained to them that I wanted to get them a video game that this old girl could play and maybe actually win.

I even made one for the xbox and one for the wii.  I thought it was funny and so did the adults - the boys just looked at me until they opened the boxes and found either a gift card or cash.  (They thought it was funny too I think although they pointed out all the typos which I believe I have corrected.)  We had a lot of fun opening presents on Christmas morning.  My sister Brenda also had fun giving the kids cash.
She had about a bunch of cash taped together and rolled into a cute little box that they just kept pulling out.

And as I mentioned before, my siblings and I exchange handmade ornaments each year.  Below are the scrapbook pages that I made for this years' ornaments.  My brother got a year off since he usually scroll saws these gorgeous ornaments but since he had hip and knee replacement surgery in September and had a blood clot and some complications, we gave him a pass.  Still - I am not impressed with what I made - I waited too long and my original design was axed by a friend who couldn't even figure out what they were.  :)

Hope you have a wonderful and safe New Years Eve.  I hope to get my recap of the year and my next years' resolution quilt list done on Tuesday.

Thanks for looking.


  1. You really had me going with that video game. I was beginning to think you had digital talents that--up until now--I did not know about. What a funny gift!

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  3. You are so creative! You always an Inspiration to me. Now get busy with that Mystery Quilt!

  4. Not only is Barb a great quilter, she's a great Aunt which is what the word art describes... special, awesome, generous, thoughtful,loving, kind, creative and devoted. Thanks for all you do, Barb!


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